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Services for Airlines

  SkyBridge, LLC provides logistic and freight forwarding services for the airlines operating in foreign countries and requiring transportation of aviation spare parts and other cargo.

We provide our services in all the continents. We have a wide experience of cargo shipments from the following African countries: Sudan / South Sudan (domestic shipments as well), Ivory Coast, Chad, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt, SAR, DRC, Somalia;

Shipments from Middle East countries: Afganistan (Kabul, Kandagar and others), Bahrein, Israel, Lebanon, UAE, Turkey;

Shipments from Haiti, Peru, Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, China, South Korea, Thailand, Nepal, Honkong, Taiwan;

Shipments from almost all European countries.

In every of these countries we deal with the issues of import/export customs clearance, cargo ground transportation, cargo transfer to airport / seaport, financial payments, repacking, insurance and other components of the logistic process.

We are much experienced in international freight forwarding of aviation spare parts for airplanes and helicopters. As we are familiar with many aviation parts manufacturers and suppliers our coordination and interaction process with them is more time efficient. We have experience in delivery of aviation engines, gear boxes, blades and other spares for helicopters Mil-8, Mil-26, Mil-171, BO-105, AS-355, R-44, Eurocopter (and its modifications). We have transported P&W aircraft engines for narrow-bodied aircraft of B-737 type and all kinds of equipment for aircraft B-737/757/767, ATR42/72, CRJ.

Your cargo will be in safe hands of our agents and partners through the whole transportation process.

Delivery to the Russian Federation is possible to the most of the Russian airports. It can be the airports of Moscow Transport Hub, the Ural airports: Ekaterinburg; airports of the eastern part of the country: Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok and others. We can offer customs clearance services in Ekaterinburg customs terminal with subsequent delivery to the destination by any means of transport. Or we can offer domestic customs transit of the bonded goods to any customs terminal in Russia.

Sea freight shipments can be delivered to St. Petersburg or Vladivostok with subsequent transportation by railroad or any other means according to customer's preferences. More convenient options can also be discussed.

Cargo delivery to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldavia is carried out through Kiev, Astana/Amaty, Kishinev accordingly.

Have you got bulk project cargo? We can organize air charter, select necessary cargo aircraft type according to the weight-lift and cost.