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New 20' containers

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New 20' containers 19.07.2013 19:27

Designers keep on trying to improve standart container. Rational proposal of the british Container Group Technology includes container which is 20 feet long not only inside but also outside. In fact standart 20' container is only 19 feet and 10 inches long inside. The designers managed to increase inside dimensions by means of the other way of walls corrugation. As a result the new 20' container can accomodate two extra standart palletes (or four europalletes). Beside that new container is fitted with built-in fastening mechanism which allows to join two 20' containers into one 40' container  - suits for empty or light cargo loaded containers. The usual technical equipment can be used for loading/unloading of these containers. According to the company's information first new design containers are already built in China and first field testing will begin shortly.  

Source: SeaNews