About Us

SkyBridge, LLC provides logistic and freight forwarding services for the international economic activity organisations which require import and export operations. 

Are you purchasing goods for further sale in the other country? Are you obtaining equipment for your company's use or planning to ship your products abroad? We will help you organize logistic process, give necessary consultation and carry it through.

We provide our services on all the continents and organize export and import of goods from across the globe. 

At the present moment trading with Asian manufacturers (China, South Korea, Thailand and others) is widely spread. We can offer you several transport and logistic solutions, help you choose most cost-efficient option for your goods delivery (airfreight, seafreight, rail transport, trucking) or combined transportation. We can also manage the issues of transfer payments for the goods, customs clearance and door-to-door delivery.

We have a significant experience in forwarding and customs clearing of a wide range of goods. Here is only few type of goods our company has transported and cleared over the past year: chinese/korean imitation jewelry, flash drives, toys, furniture, promotional materials, pictures and paints, porcelain tile, lighting equipment, various electronic equipment, knives, bags and other leather accessories, tyres, pens, shoes, glasses and many other goods. 

Our company can offer you any help in the sphere of shipping logistics and customs clearance. We always respond to the clients requests and guarantee high quality service.

There is no doubt that international economic activity plays a key role in the development of any company focused on the import and export of goods. If you decided to develop international economic activity of your company you don't have to increase your personnel or look for skilled and highly-paid specialists in logistics. All it takes is to contact us - reliable and experienced professionals. Our freight forwarding services will save your money, time and efforts.